Getting started

I have completed the account opening online, what happens next

If your account has been created successfully, take a note of the account number and user name shown and follow the instructions on screen.

You will need to activate your account using the temporary Password and Passphrase you have been issued by email before you can trade on your account.

I have been unable to open an account online, what happens next

If you have tried to apply online and have been unsuccessful, we will issue a pack to you. If you have not received a pack within five working days please contact Stocktrade.

Cannot login to my account

Please check that you have entered the User name, Password and Passphrase correctly. The Password is case sensitive, therefore you may want to copy and paste it into the Password box.

Your Passphrase should be all lower case.

You may also want to check that you meet the system requirements.

Changing my password

You can change your password within the Manage my account section once logged into your online account or on the login page. Passwords must consist of 8 or more characters with a mix of upper and lower case letters and numbers.

Changing my Passphrase

You can change your Passphrase´┐Żwithin the Manage my account section once logged into your online account or on the login page. Your passphrase should be between 8-15 characters using numbers and lower case letters only.

What is my Person Code & Client Account Number

Each client is allocated a Person Code which is linked to your personal details. Underlying your Person Code is your Client Account Number which details your specific share dealing account. For example, if you hold a Nominee Account and ISA account with Stocktrade these will both be held under your Person Code with a unique Client Account Number for each.

In the event that you have more than one Person Code then please contact Stocktrade for further information as to how to combine these.

What are the benefits of activating my account for online access

Registering for online access makes it easier to manage your account, allowing you to:

  • View your portfolio (n/a Certificated accounts).
  • Access statements and contract notes online.
  • View and respond to Corporate Action notifications (n/a Certificated accounts).
  • Make Debit Card payments and cash withdrawals.
  • Create a stock watch list to monitor stocks.
  • View stock and cash history at any time.
  • Gain access to our Research Centre.
  • Place Limit Orders / stop-losses online (n/a Certificated accounts).

System requirements

Stocktrade supports the following list of web browsers:

Browser PC Mac
Internet Explorer 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0 Yes n/a
Edge Yes n/a
Firefox Yes Yes
Google Chrome Yes Yes
Safari Yes Yes

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